Vine Gardens


In 1948 Walter Marshall who was then Mayor of St Helens went to war-torn Stuttgart  on a “mission of goodwill”  This was the beginnings of the twinning partnership between St Helens and Stuttgart, just three years after the end of WWll.        

St Helens was the centre of the of the glass industry and donated window glass to aid the reconstruction of Stuttgart.  Now the state capital of Baden-Wurttemburg, Stuttgart is a thriving city both economically and culturally, with a population of around 600,000 and covering an area of 20,735 hectares.  To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the twinning of the towns Stuttgart made a generous contribution to the design and landscaping of the vine garden as a symbol of the long standing friendship.

Around half of the Stuttgart region consists of greenspaces, agricultural land and forests.  The name Stuttgart translates to “Garten der Stute”.  The Garden of the Mare, evokes the former grazing pastures for horses in the Nesenbach Valley, which is why the city’s coat of arms includes a mare.  Around 2% of the city area is covered by vineyards, uncommon in our cities and why we have grapevines at the centre of the garden.  Sandstone hard landscaping has been used and is indicative of the rock type and traditional material used in building in Stuttgart.  The yellow “Stuttgardia” rose and yellow tulip “Stuttgart City” have been used as the seasonal planting changes.

The Garden was inaugurated on 19th August 2013 buy official representatives from both Stuttgart and St Helens.


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