The Hotties Café

The Hotties Cafe sits alongside the banks of one of Englands oldest canals, the Sankey.  Once this stretch of water was used to transport goods such as iron, coal, and glass to the port of Liverpool and to the docks at Manchester by barge.  The canal is now a peaceful sanctuary for walkers commuting into the town centre, dog walkers, ramblers, fishing enthusiasts and boasts a limited but thriving community of wildlife.  We have a family of swans who each winter bring their young to learn how to take off and land on the water, there are ducks, moorhens, Canada geese, herons and the odd kingfisher, there is still a family of terrapins which have survived the transition of the water from when it was hot after being used in the local glass factory as a cooling agent.

Our Café is one of the main income supports to the TWOG organisation and any profits made are put back into The World of Glass charity.  It is open Monday to Saturday 10 am until 4pm and serves a wide range of breakfast toasties, sandwiches, jacket potatoes, snacks, main meals and hot and cold drinks. The café is fully licensed and the vineyard garden outside is a great place to sit in summer among the yellow roses with a chilled glass of wine, latte or cappuccino

The World of Glass’ catering facilities are also open to non-attraction visitors. Simply enquire at reception or call 01744 22766.

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